Sunday, February 5, 2006

I'd like to meet...

So, who actually reads the things on your MySpace page? I always find it riveting to read people's pages; I could literally go for hours. After all, these are the people who make up our world, and while I may love what someone wrote, strongly disagree with it, or feel somewhat challenged by their musings, I am being educated all the same.

FACT: Some of your most brilliant ideas come to you while doing repetitive/monotonous/mundane activities, i.e. showering, chores, driving, singing, talking (if you're a verbal processor like me anyways), walking/running/working out, sitting around, jumping over objects higher than your waist in parking lots (now THAT is fun), working, whatever fits the above description in your life. I'm sure the majority of my happy readers know this.

The point is, today it occurred to me while I was doing dishes, that I really love blogging, and I also really love reading blogs and strangers pages, and that not many people actually read their friends' pages. Dang! I think it is fascinating to find out how everyone processes information/ideas differently because of experiences they've been through in life, thus their responses to it vary greatly. For instance, how do you read the following statement (seriously, go with your gut interpretation): Who I'd like to meet: ? Everyone reads it differently. Some people think it means, "If you could meet anyone alive today on planet earth, who would it be?", others, "If you could get to talk with anyone throughout history, who would you choose?", while more think "Who would I like to meet that I don't already know and is reading this right now?"! Wow! That's a bajillion ways, at least, PLUS, I didn't even think of them all. Good gosh. God is AMAZING.

I cannot believe that we are all taught, for the most part, that we all think the same way(or perhaps more appropriatly, that we all need to learn the same way, for the convience of the education system). We may have been taught to think the same way, but I know it simply isn't true. Otherwise, everything would be orange and we'd all walk around with those whirly beanie hats on and wear ties 7 days a week while singing "Good Morning, George, How Are You?" (old school Veggie Tales). Originality, freedom of thought, brain patterns, logic, influences, nature AND nurture, views on life and what it's all about effect us all in how we come to a conclusion we believe to be right. Man, this is FASCINATING stuff.*

*and by that, I don't mean fluff, it's just that I don't want to take myself too seriously....wait, yes I do! Freshness is here my people and it is freedom, freedom to say what I believe, think about and breathe in MySpace. Yesssss. Just tell them that if they vote for you, all their wildest dreams will come true. Follow your heart, that's what I do.