Monday, April 22, 2013


When you are your very best and
The birds still
Squawk and chide
"It's not familiar enough! You're too hard for me to swallow whole! I can't digest you!"
Always choppy always complaining.
Those birds they judge from their perches
Even below you, in vulnerable places.

But no
they think they are the ones who have it
figured out, who know what they need
and that it's you
who is doing it wrong.
The birdseed scattered all around them
just waiting
to be
snatched up!but those blinders. They can't see
The bounty in opening up their world
To different
To beauty in dissimilar world views
To a seed of a thought of an action
That is bigger than what they know
Those birds,
They are everywhere. All kinds of people never knowing they're
Not only blind to beauty and newness
But missing

Friday, April 12, 2013

Connected again

As if my left arm was disconnected
To my shoulder
To my rib cage and subsequently
My heart.
It is back.
I am all back
Because this restoration of
Grace space and listening
Has given it room
to bloom

As if I couldn't breathe fully before, or choose how to spend my time
Waiting for someone else to tell me
"Go ahead!", because they said so.

And as if that wasn't enough, after all these 29 years
I find out I do have what it takes
And I am enough
I am strong, alone in proclaiming
'I will stand up for me.'
Sometimes you have company but mostly not
And that beauty begets life to the fullest
Seems just when you don't
someone else, or fear a decision
Is when
you have all you
to give.

When my hands are swinging by my sides is just the right time, to be fully whole. And someone else wants to grab onto that train?
Well they better tell the conductor, because it's 'bout to leave your station.
Action, my friend!
Ain't for the weak hearted.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Map me

All these lines on my map
The writing so tiny from here
I can't quite see
What it
The shape so familiar, and home all over it
Memories etched that float to surface when I pause to think of
Car on pavement zipping
Windows down
Hair blowing
Music surrounding
Without and within
The Open Road!
It calls with abandon and I will quickly
Abandon whatever it is pattern has deemed more important than adventure.

For life awaits! It has been and I have tasted and the dots all over this map have been discovered to show me
Of myself
And the future unfolds with each smoothing of a crinkle
And my eyes they remember things they thirst to experience again and
My fingers can't contain their desire
To tap tap tap on a wheel
As I am held captive by these beautiful lands once more and
show my world
to the world
and learn that I know

Because the road is the map and the journey the ride
And my soul wants it all.
Here I am.