Sunday, April 22, 2007

mosaic 4.22.07

i am going to this amazing community of people trying to follow jesus'
life. it is called mosaic and i adore life there. during worship
(which is one of the most distinctly different experience i have all
week) i normally get some words in my head. so i write them down. oh,
i will always post these in the way i write them in my book, so mind
the word placement. it might mean something, who knows! =0] here are
a couple from yesterday:

fangs of death
life for the grip
i would be swallowed alive
swallowed, gone.
but o god you were with me.
never alone. alive. acutely aware.
of your breathtaking beauty. sharp!
you never leave me.
you are with me.
fangs gnash.

this was after communion, but i'd like to hear what is says to you (as i always do):

a contrite piece of bitterness
in the pocket of my cheek.
slipped in amongst the gluttony.
the rot. but i am dying,
am dead, have died. to
you. myself.
slipped in. my pocket.
i take it again. this death is life.

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