Wednesday, October 24, 2007

minute men

hey. so tonight at mosaic ( ) i went to watch the documentary 'minutemen: we jam econo'. minutemen were a punk band from in the early '80's and the doc struck me as really amazing, insightful, funny, sad, inspiring, mind boggling, beautiful, exciting and somewhat tragic. my feet are freezing on the tile floor in our kitchen as i type and i love it. it helps along my delusion that tx does in fact have seasons, besides hot/muggy and hot/rainy. = 0) anyway, there are three guys in minutemen: d. boon, mike watt and george hurley. d.boon was the lead guitar and singer, watt on bass and hurley drums.

some of the craziest guys were interviewed on there, a lota older whacked out musicians that had a way of describing music as if they were talking about the most life changing moments imaginable, full of force and fury, beauty and light, inventive and stirring yet provocative in the most challenging of ways. i can hardly talk about god in the terms they used to describe a 2 minute song! but i want to start. i am terrified to say now. now.

he is taller than the stars but holds my hand so tight sometimes i have to ask him to loosen up a bit. his love floods down on me with such unending grace that makes me want to kick dirt into my eyes and scream as loud as i can 'i'm not worthy of this, god! pick someone better!' . the sound of his word, his rain, wind, crinkles and crunches, silence are breathtaking. the power he has to rule the world, but instead uses to give us free will is confusing at best and crazy at least. he's the best kind of insane i've ever known. the way he pushes me in places i didn't know i had never cease to excite and terrify me.

and i will move. throw rocks over the boundary line into the men with guns like a fat man jumping on stage with his music, passion and joy at the truth and humility in the relationships between people, and between music and life. communicating your opinion and your art. because as mike watt said tonight 'you gotta find out what you're gonna do, and find out how you're gonna do it.' i am here to find it out. and just do it.

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