Wednesday, June 4, 2008

trill and plink

oh the music. it makes me come alive to new

thinking a thought i never knew
love at the sound
with passion.

this beat. this creation inspires me to try my hand at meeting a new friend, opening a door for a stranger, wish i could play something. even if it is just my hands on the coffee table with the dog staring at my newfound talent. it makes me believe in myself. believe in enjoying life. believe it is not all pain and hardships. that it is beauty at its humanly possible best. the closest i can get to feeling the sound of god. the hand on my back, the chin on my head, the rest in my heart. rest. explode! dream again! live a day you want, a day to give and love and give and love. live this music. dance in your seat at the coffee shop with your headphones on. i only live once here and i want it to be my best, my fullest. as hard and as beautiful as it all is. and i know but a piece. the trill and plink of the keys on my heart.

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