Friday, December 19, 2008


i am almost ready.  well, i still have to figure out what i am taking, pack, shower, sleep, get up, double check, last minute leftovers pack, and go to the airport.

what i mean is, i am so ready to GO.  the moment i step foot into the airport/plane/terminal/into my parents arms/the chilly michigan air can't come soon enough.  

THIS is the anticipation i want for jesus this christmas.  it may, or may not be even remotely close to his actual birth date, but i want to be so focused on his life and the things he told me as he entered the world, the way he came,  that nothing else matters.  not gifts, not lost luggage, not delays or cranky travelers.  

i am ready for christmas.  ready!!  now i have to go think about what i am taking.

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carmen said...

I love the title of this one. "liftoff" What a great word!