Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the room

the room is endless and narrow
i feel the ceiling looking at me
this way is the only way to go
i have paused.
for far too long.
in front of a closed door
why can't it be open?
why can't it be another door?
why can't it be a long time ago?

these doors are everywhere
they are all shut.
well, hm.
i will have to keep walking then.
because actually,
i want the door to swing open to ME
when i am not stopped
i want the air in the room
the light in the room
to GUSH with change and brillance
and fresh breath.
as the one opens!
to come chasing after me!

oh yes.
and i know it in my bones,
i have always known it will be so.
this room is long and wide open, carefree onwards saunter i.

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Something Creative Here said...

why do you not write a book of poetry?