Tuesday, March 30, 2010

it is found!

when you've looked everywhere
high and lo
inside and
out.  in the pocket of your favorite
jeans and in the book you
read last week.

with puzzled expressions
and nervous mouth twitches
serious pondering and
exasperated foot stomping.
every nook and cranny
and even your granny
has impatiently lifted her
left elbow for you to
peer underneath and
see that it is not there.
it is not anywhere.

but in your heart.
what you lost can be found.
just stop frantically searching
and pause.
to seek the Master's heart.
He'll lend an ear and
you will too.  "Find Me."


Rachel Clear said...

Have you stopped writing on your blog?

I sure hope not...

deliciousmelissa said...

Oh how sweet of you to even remember me! I haven't stopped but my computer broke in December and it's kind of uninspiring to write poems and meaningful texts whilst sitting in a library with 10 other patrons on computers surrounding you. =0) I have been writing some on actual paper (yay!) and will try to back-post those soon. I'm so excited for your developing family, I read your blog all the time!