Sunday, May 22, 2011

clock's kiss

the clock ran out
my last has come
and i've known it.
what did i do to make this haiku
of my life as amazing as i felt it?

the seethe has quieted and my soul is still
weightless for once and forever.
what comes next i have no idea

pure love.

how then i feel i have so much left to do in this dirty world?
where grime and much pain abound as freely as dandelion seeds on a breeze.
why would i hold on, say, "i'm not done yet- NO!"

the times i have thought of this are many
times i have been asked what i would do if i knew my clock?
but i would want to hold on, for one kiss.  so that i can know.  
what it is like on the other side.

"as i went down in the river to pray 
studying about that good old way
and who shall wear the starry crown
good lord, show me the way

sinners let's go down,
let's go down, come on down,

o sinners let's go down,
down in the river to pray "

-down in the river to pray: hymn.

1 comment:

MacLeaney said...

Love it. Can I print this on a clock as a piece of art (that I might possibly sell)? With credit for the poem to you, of course.