Thursday, August 11, 2011

the great tribulation

what does this all mean
and why must we hold up our head
when we just want to lay it all down
at your


how can i help be the hands and the
of your love
when all i know to do is
and say "i'm sorry"
for the umpteenth time.

where can i
to take it all away to
another place
so far removed
perspective is restored
that wasn't ever even there.

all these questions god.
and all these answers.
maybe they just can't make it through the time warp.
because i know heaven isn't above the clouds any more
than you are
in the city of gold
whilst we are in the city of dirt
and you watch and laugh from above as we stumble and fall.
no, i know better.
i just don't always know what.

i do know your love is unfailing
your hand holds me when i want to let go
you never show me anything less than an offer of mercy and a good future filled with hope.
these things i know.
let me then live.
it is enough.
you are.

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