Friday, November 1, 2013

tonight too soon.

I knew it was going to be hard
the day has just come too quickly. 
where I sit in the echo of the last hug
the wake of the conversation
we had 
of all kinds of 
so badly the urge to 

shove the emptiness away

simply pick up the phone and make a call
I will regret 
made of words and feelings from past versions of myself. 

it is as Lamott says
"butt in chair. shitty first draft."
and as much as tears are on the precipice, the laugh overcomes it. 
for this too is temporary. 
I am learning.
this is most of life. 
love surrounds,
the future.
tonight is just right. 


Sean and Jenny said...

love you, friend!

Katie Hoffman said...

Your words touch me and make me cry. So beautiful. So real.