Saturday, January 4, 2014


all the lights
some steady, powered by a current i cannot own
although i pay for it
but to whom, most definitely not the rightful owner.
some flicker, with a grace captivating
like no other. simply to be in it's presence causes one to feel
more whole.

and i wonder, if it is like this simply for lights
what else in life follows suit?
that the electric, the fancy, the invented new and bright and always on
are never as comforting as those
which have been in our generations for generations
created by those who knew the power of it's warmth;
harnessed it in portable form.
that these things, the most genuine and bare versions
are always the most connected.

as the light brings warmth to the darkness
so love brings
stark ourselves.

twinkle on, enraptured.

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