Tuesday, January 31, 2006

True dat!

*Bengerman may have inspired the following, in one form or another*

There is nothing more important than the Truth, it is so affective and effective, the only thing I can base my life upon. Not me, my feelings or ideas, but upon Truth, what God says about who He is, who I am and what He tells me in His Word. Truth is not only something to believe in, it's something to live every decision in my life from. I must decide that there is something called absolute truth in the first place. Once I've settled upon that as reality, I can live with a certain view of the world that I believe to be right. Never mind that I know with out a doubt that it is right, since it is what Jesus Christ has told me. I am never uncertain that He has told me the truth, because I believe that He is only motivated by real love for me, and real love does not lie. Ever.

I considered lying to a suprivisor the other night, about mopping the bathroom floor. This is ridiculous for many reasons, a few of them being:
1. I didn't want to admit I had forgotton to mop it in the first place
2. I didn't want to have him tell me to do it then and stay there any longer than the 2 hours it had already taken us to close since it seemed like forever already
3. I figured it was not THAT big of a deal if it was skipped mopping one night out of the week since I didn't feel like doing it
WOW, all of them ridiculous, you see? So, I told him the truth. I was honest with him, and although I didn't know what the reprecussions of my honesty would be, I knew if I let this have power over me, this little lie could change my life because next time, I wouldn't have as hard a time doing it. Sometimes honesty is not only hard to do in the first place, but hard to deal with afterwards. In this case, he told me that I could just do it the next night, which was gracious of him.

You may be thinking "Hmm, a story about mopping the bathroom floor doesn't really seem like blog matieral to me, Melissa..." and you might be right, if you were reading someone else's blog, but you're not. You're reading mine, and I say it is completely valid, in fact if I don't write about bathroom floors then, heaven's, what WOULD I write about!?! =0) Well, you get the gist. It's not so much about bathroom floors as it is about telling the truth, living the truth, and being true to who you are at all costs. Um hm. Oh yeah. True dat.

P.S. I have a phobia about using commas in excess. Please let me know if you think this fear is founded or just that, a phobia.
P.P.S. Also, any and all feedback/personal experiences/what-have-you is supported here in this space of freedom. The truth will set you free.

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