Saturday, January 14, 2006


Ever since forever, I've gotten compliments on my eyes. I really do love my eyes since they allow me to see the world and all kids of amazing things in it constantly. The other day, a guy I'd just met, said I reminded him of a Husky, which he quickly assured me was a huge compliment since he was very fond of Husky's. It was one of those moments when you respond with a smile and a "Well, thanks...I think" and then chuckle. It was nice of him to have noticed, and although most people eventually ask me if my eyes are different colors, I'd never had someone I had known less than 5 minutes say something about it. Anyway, it was hilarious, of course. I'm quite shocked people compliment me at all, in fact. Who am I to be noticed???

So, a question to all my faithful subscribers out there (I believe there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 of you =0)) : What do you think about eyes? In general? About your own? About others? Do you notice them? Do you make an effort to make eye contact with someone when talking with them, or avoid it because it makes you feel uncomfortable? Do you tend to remember what color someones eye's are? Why are they colors?? Thoughts?

I love eyes. They can say so much, and yet, if you don't want them to, your eyes can hide behind your lids and lashes for eternity, shielding you from the probing questions of others' eyes, to see who you really are, into your soul. Eyes, they're fascinating.

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