Thursday, September 6, 2007

high heels

i really like high heels. greanted they're not functional(ie. practical) for anything but fashion and showing off one's body, but they do that very nicely. =0) there are so many things in my life that i would like to say i could eliminate and be happy to be down to the bare minimum, the essentials. conflicting feelings bring me back to what dad always taught 'when you're having a tough time making a decision, make a list of pros and cons. it's always helpful to see it written out.' so:


less stuff

more time to spend on what really matters: god, love, people

focus on the things that are not about me

discover who i am with out all this...


loose an expression of who i am


well, the pros win. i do live very simply comparativly, but i think if i boil it all down to this i can figure out my standard of simplicity: live a life where my love speaks louder than anything i could say with clothing, stuff or status. live to be empty, but full to overflowing. i don't have anything to give of myself, because the created is nothing without their creator in every facet of their lives.

i am so unique and exciting, he says.

so terribly dangerous in my willingness to give everything i have for passion

the way i laugh gives him chills, he smiles.

i never knew he thought about me this way. god, why did i think you were far away? you are a part of me, but so much bigger than i can fathom. shoot, you even love the way i talk to you at stop lights.

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