Saturday, November 29, 2008


leaves crunch all the way home
under the noiseless whir.
breathe deep in the moon from a cloudy sky that cannot find it, exhale the sliver from my shoulder.
people who astonish with
'midnight ride! we'll stop by
for you
for companionship
for doing something crazy
see you in 3o minutes!'
and the spokes 
flew.  my friends and i grew
even a step closer in what you might call
the thoughtfulness of those who care enough
to send the very best.
cheer, chapped cheeks all around, the air a kind of soggy cold. the kind that takes parts of you an hour to fully regain feeling from, even though it's texas.
the kind of woman who will not let me ride her and her husband all the way home due to the sketchy nature of some area residents at this wee hour with the reasoning that 'there are too many big things god has to use your life for' who uses phrases like 'this is not a joke!' and then creates something extraordinary.
i lock and stop to thank god for these friends, they are the very best.  what did i ever do...?  no, that isn't how it works. oh man.  blessings out the wazoo.


Anonymous said...

Meliss! To be honest, this is the first I'm seeing your blog. Sheesh! I have a lot of catching up to do. Chums. I love it! It's especially fun having already heard the account of this night in the non-poetic way ... it's like hearing it again but feeling what you felt.

indiana said...

"blessings out the wazoo".

You're a blessing out of MY WAZOO. Wait. Er? Huh?

Thanks for midnight riding with me. But perhaps we can call it the 2 am bike ride seeing as how it was way past midnight! Hahahaha! Had fun. We shall do something just as spectacular again.

Cathryn said...

Hey.. i love you my dear! Let's get together soon.. i miss you. blessings. and merry Christmas too! ( i got your party invite late, got too much junk mail that week and i think it got stuck on another page- that i didn't see to later.. OOOOOOOOOPS) Sorry i was piss poor at responding.. Christmas is tough for me..... but anyway.. looking forward to a peaceful 09!
xoxo muah