Sunday, November 23, 2008


if i
when i
let it go
tight and loose
hips and wrists and loving all the moves i didn't
know i had.  when i let go
stop caring what i look like compared to my friends
all the strangers around me making their bodies move to 
a beat i haven't chosen, don't enjoy.
stop thinking about who is watching me and start digging in to the music, responding to the moment, the freedom coursing with the sweat and the inhibition.
of this dance
this rhythm
where i make the rules, my knees make the dips and my back shows it's skillz.

i can't dance like some, but i can dance like me.
and i love it.


indiana said...

I LOVE this. And I had a good time dancing with you. You are a stellar dancer! We know have to have fun without being drunken fools. Love it and love YOU!

Anonymous said...

I love it too! I especially like the line "strangers who move their bodies to a beat I haven't chosen." Oh, Meliss, would that you let go in your life, dance to the unique beat you've chosen, "stop thinking about who's watching you and just dig in."

It's inspiring. ;-)

carmen said...