Friday, January 16, 2009

karaoke and the joys of public humiliation

for sure, i'll do it!
get up there and sing my heart out
or at least my guts
show them that i am just as willing as the next guy to
blow it
in front of utter strangers
and love it
because this is what living is about.
not being the best
most talented or adored
but truly living in the moments you have.
"be here now" my friend rohni says, she says it a lot
to remind me
that if i am not here
i am there
and everywhere
into the distance
that is my daydreams and not with
the people and life i have now.
show up, never let anyone shut you up, but listen: be here now.
oh, and belt "goodbye earl" with your friend dearing on stage.  lo/li/ve it!

1 comment:

Rohni said...

I Love it Melissa FIlkins! That was beautiful!!