Sunday, February 8, 2009

customized birthday books and the growth of toddlers

tonight i was part of a miracle
and i didn't even know it.

i was baby sitting for three kids i have sat for since the girls were 6 weeks old.
yes, i know i talk about them all the time, give me a break.  if you knew them you would too.
anyway, i taught them something, and it was a complete miracle.
to be witness to this growth and yet the initiator, the one who requested something specific of them, and to see it contemplated and then performed impacted me in a way i can only describe as
intensely beautiful.
it was remarkable!  to watch these girls, who have been part of the world 2 short years, learn something before my very eyes, and showcase their personalities and individual ideas at the same time, well i could talk about it all night.  i mean,
are genius.
get them dance classes!  ap everything!  organic 24/7!  freedom in all pursuits!
let them live!
i beg you this one thing; just let me be part of it.


Anonymous said...

Wow Melissa, you're such a good writer! Thanks for always making such a big deal about our kiddos! I'm so glad to have you be a part of their lives. :) Joy

carmen said...

What did you teach them??