Saturday, February 14, 2009

soundoff, 3, 4!

i like waco, yes i do
i like waco 'cause it is new,
new to me but not to texas
lots more chevy and way less lexus
soundoff, 3, 4!

they talk real good and they seem real nice
when it comes to friendly, they don't dice.
the food is tasty and the custard divine
even if 'wild west' is dead at nine.
soundoff, 3, 4!

wa-co, you go!

i think it's fun to try new things
the town is country and all that brings.
the gym is apparently the place to be
even if it's the same old people they see
soundoff, 3, 4!

can't steal internet cause no one has it
we'll talk and watch movies, get back in the habit
one thing about country that ignites a passion
ya are yourself cause ya got no distractions
soundoff, 3, 4!


Chris said...

Nice cadence.

indiana said...

Hahahaha! I read it out loud to CMA and we laughed. Brilliant!