Wednesday, March 4, 2009

move the soul

music that moves the soul
moves your ears
makes you twitch
deep in a place you didn't know needed to be tilled.

forges the bridge between the tapping and the incessant yapping and the clatter and bang of the daily cup o' joe that runs all over the television.
this noise is different.  it makes you stop tapping your foot, chawing that gum and flipping through texts out of boredom. 

everything around you seems to be happening in slow motion.  the noise is broken and a pure picture of beauty streams into your ears.  the way you have dreamed of love.
the play you have longed for is in your very being, the balance between rightness and honesty.  pain and truth,  interwoven as friends and enemies.  twine of the tiniest form, snakes it's way into your vision.
the reality possible if everyone heard.  if everyone knew this.
music is too simple a word.
exquisite sound and emotion.
breathe that in.
stop doing nothing and give your attention to the change that is before you.  in you.  right now.