Thursday, May 28, 2009


but this is so much different from what
everyone else tells me, responds with.
i am not sure that this is even the 
best thing for my
weak heart
i can't take it.
because of that, i am sure it is.
fly melissa, she says
what do we have left if we hoard our
is that what life is about?
saving the scraps?  getting something back?
shoot, it's the experience
stop trying to figure out what everything is for and
be in it.
making everything just so, so right and so purposeful for 
what you do not know
like the leaves growing upward on a tree, defying the odds of smidgets and winks of sun
pushing to live, taking any little bit they can
i should not be so afraid of living with my heart outside my chest.  seem so confident but too
my friend sandra says
no no no
it is much better
to fly
than to doubt.
and she is righter than i have ever been.
the coop holds no promises
but then
neither does the sun.

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