Friday, May 8, 2009

three strands

not easily broken.
shards of a whole
but whole in each
the greatest of these

bring me your tired, your weak
show them my sisters and they will find
within themselves
a love for the dysfunction of their family
as i love mine.
all of us shards
splintered and broken
into tiny pieces of a whole
we are whole
when we are with 
those who know us best.
all one river, one pack, one nation, one family.  
no one looks the same inside
when beauty comes from every corner.

take the time to hear me
hear you
hear the silent sweep of arms pulling us all in
to an embrace
of pain needing comfort
echoing another's thoughts
questioning the caveats and crevices
shallow souls need not enter
for family abounds
if you will shift to give and take.
all of us broken
left hopin'
three strands or one
we never stand alone.

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nerdstar said...

Wow, Melissa! How long have you been writing poetry? I'm about to lead a Badgerdog writing workshop this summer and would love to hear your thoughts on creative writing and perhaps some of your favorite authors sometime. Email me; let's get talk words over drinks*!

*can be subbed for yogurt, ice cream, cookies, coffee, finger sandwiches, etc.