Sunday, June 5, 2011

give me credit, credit i say!

this is my work, you know, all mine.
i mean, i thought of the idea and made it happen
all by myself.
if anyone offered to help i quickly shot them down.  if they had,
why, i'd have to share the glory.  and i'm not about to do that!

see this thing?  it's so shiny, eh?  yeah well that's cause i polished it
and sharpened it and created this new thing from the old.
well please stop being jealous, because i'm not sharing.

if you think i have no right to be this haughty you've got another
thought comin', man.  because this is what i fashioned out of what was left.
no leftovers of those for you!  i swear, if one more person asks me to drop what
i am doing to help them on their project, i will scream so loud it will bust your noise catchers!
no!  i'm not here to assist!  i'm just here for me.  me and my spear.

off into the wild i go.
no, stop following me.

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