Sunday, June 19, 2011

To my Dad on Father's Day 2011

On this day we celebrate
Those who shape and integrate
Their lives into different places
They never could have imagined.
Who they would become
To whose they would become
For others they love with all they are
To see how they become themselves

This year on this day I press before you a word: love.
Selflessness gets often used but it can never fully do what love can.
Which is unexplainable. Incomprehensible. Unreal to the human with all it's flaws and gaping holes of self.
This phenom is only witnessed once: in the love of the Father for his children. He does not love them for what they can do for him, although they are great and tender creatures, he does not love them for what they can provide for Him, because he is the ultimate Creator. No He loves them because they are His. Given as gifts
Given as life
Given from Love to love.

So Dad, this Father's Day I want you to know, that I love you at base
not because you have given me countless gifts of yourself, your soul, over my lifetime and will continue to do so as long as you live,
not because you have given me life and an invaluable outlook on living and risking and responsibility and caring for our fellow man,
not only because you have loved me unconditionally in the best way you knew how without question.
I love you because you came from Love and you live it every moment you've got.
Thank you for being my Father, just the way my soul needed.
Happy Father's Day!

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