Thursday, December 8, 2011

fanciful tones

sometimes i want to linger
in these moments that pass
that are thrown
my way.
they frolic and flit like a fairy right through
my scene
and i jump for them
dive for them
grasp through the pinch
that i may be able to hold

but they fly
and i scream
and we part
and i pass
and it makes for a terrible dream
in the day
in the night
in the fog where it's bright
and you can't see what's ahead or behind

just now.  for the tragedy isn't the leaving, but staying

the only part harder than pain is the sadness
that will cling
if i stay,
do not move.
for these moments i'm in will
not leave me no never
but it is i

yes oh i
must move on to be with them
as they surround.

every side.
i am full
i am in it
this moment is mine and will


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