Thursday, November 24, 2011

in your head

because you are so right
about being
all the time
and it 
hurts to say

i hear you standing
with righteous indignation
and it makes
the fury inside
of my heart

but not for good
only destroys my
which is different than my soul.
thanks be to god.

spirit can be built back up
but soul can be stolen
and while i may have let you
get in before,
i will not now.  never again
because i can see your heart's intent
and it isn't what comes across
and you are scared and hurt just like all of us
but you are letting that do the talking
decision making
twisting my words
spinning them round to always be upright 
when they hadn't even existed.
before you created them
in your head.

and i won't stand for this anymore
i won't take it sitting down
because this tornado in my heart has seen
it's last.

i sit down
below the conflicting waves that float above my head
and choose not to stand
for immersion is the worst 
kind of drama
and i don't swim in pollution.

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