Monday, October 15, 2012

dark corner

if there was a dark corner
of my heart it would be this
one sadness.
not done against me, but out of solidarity and love I stood
along with those
relegated to Auschwitz
unbeknownst to them. either way.

and we were exiled. no one ever knowing the true cause
the case of injustice spanning
wide within the very house
of former promise and hope and unconditional acceptance.

now it is a place to cower from.
those memories in a dark corner
hide from the death on the inside. and
be thankful
you got out with your spirit.
broken though it is; some stolen beauty of innocence.
if only love were perfect.
oh wait...
it is justice I seek, will stand for, in the name of Love. these things I will not hesitate for
nor scoot among the dead whilst the living laugh at their folly.

rise, o soul, and walk out of this prison.
it is just a room full of minds, and yours is your own.
go meet the world with it.

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