Saturday, October 13, 2012


like the circle of life
so is the cycle of our love
always giving back and more than enough to go around.

my fear never realized, nightmarish situations now dissipate like mist on a moor once exposed to the sun.

truth of real energy, soul sustenance and forever pushing me to be a better version of myself, in the way we interact.
giving and taking and taking and giving and living every day as normal
on pluto.
for all those friends I thought would be neglected or not thought of or left in my "life before you" hasn't happened.
and won't.
for the kindness in you, the kindness in me, is a foreign kind of moss that grows from our love and seeps over and settles down in every crevice of
our lives
Our Life.
we are not changed, but enriched.

which is what I have always dreamed of, boldly hoped for, sought after, thinking a dream to be reality.
if he was the one.

you are love. we are recycled.

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