Friday, December 14, 2012

blatant disregard

we all think we have a shred
of control. we know it's impossible to
but the shroud that covers our reality
let's us sit more comfortably
in the idea
that we have one
solitary bit of it that no one can take.

this falsified notion clouds our thinking
just enough to make the mundane everyday palatable.

then something happens that tears the shroud and pulls the cataracts out
to show
we can not protect ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow bus riders or strangers at the mall.
we are all a part of the lie
because on the other side of this darkness stands truth.
that we are our own solution.
and we have been given the tools to love,
to show regard and investment in our fellow humans.
for this blatant lack of interest in anyone beyond our own pain will be our undoing.

the world can hear it, because it is inside you.
we are all here together.
stand with me now,
fear and truth hold hands with love.

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