Saturday, February 23, 2013

run out

if only I could run out
of tears
maybe this pain would run out

wringing my breath like my hands
before a test
this test of my
the frustration and helplessness
strings before me
and behind.
and I want it to
run out.
if it can end so can this pain

'be strong melissa'
I whisper through the gasps
for breath as the
noises squeak out of me
like the involuntary love
beating around the anger.
because I can't stop it
at all
and I don't want to loose you and me
and I don't know how to stop from loosing you
when I already have you now.

run away from the old, and into the new
waiting for you
to say no to the emptiness
yes to the full
arms waiting for your
aching spirit.

run out.
these tears.

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