Sunday, April 5, 2015

the same

i don't know but sometimes
it all feels the same. 
game to me and by others 
and aren't we all just in our own
this life ain't gonna slow down
no one
and i brought my best smile
the rest I'll file
under "SPOKEN"
my peace
in these sheets
just doesn't get any more honest
but i guess
these days are bound to happen
only if i happen to
what my future self 
told me
sold me
in the dream that lives right along side my 
other motions and tells me
'get it right, give it all'
because you only have today and
anyone else is
just lying. 
find inside to live fully
your dreams can happen
if you just get up to them. 
wake up to this day
and stand up for what you want
in this middle place
time you stop feelin


Chrystina said...

Have you ever thought of putting a recording with these? I'd love to hear what it sounds like when you say it as opposed to when I say it in my head.

deliciousmelissa said...

No I hadn't ever thought of that but once you suggested it, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I recorded this like 6x. Got it right. You're welcome. ;)

Oh, and thank you. :) think this is good. Maybe I should make the image just a black background too though? My logo looks so glaring... thoughts?