Sunday, June 28, 2015

clichés in movement

preparation to encourage
living a day to day focused only on what
sincerely matters to my path. 
feels right, fluffs the freedom under my wings
and I know it is good what I'm wanting 
good what I'm choosing to follow
and that this big voice in me
will weed out all the small distractions
deigning to hold me back
by their grasp
of ownership. 

I lead, in act ll, with an opening scene of 

the windows in my soul smile so hard
it spreads to my face and my hands and my work and all the words that flow forth. 
because moving towards this future creates room for parts of me now that I otherwise would be stranger to.
for this and all new challenges I am grateful. 
deep breath now, live in the gifts.
hope to the rafters!*

*less than 14' by regulation

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