Friday, November 6, 2015

face it

this fear that you have let
make the calls
and the decisions too
shows up finally on your doorstep
asking if this is all you wanted. 
face it now, you've stolen time long enough
and it's just time, all made up.
tell me and the fear what 
you know deep inside 
can't live so planted over anymore.
show us how much truth you want to live
dug up
for the sun to shine.

this news isn't new but it's freshly cultivated and solid
because you know this is your heart
that even though the person is wonderful
he wants
what you want. 

and you go forward 
into that bright light
by way of the valley
steps sodden in occasional tears
but full of certainty and wonder
at your own strength in 
letting go
hold on. 

face it, you're just on the doorstep.

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