Sunday, September 10, 2017


body needs body
body thirsts for touch, skin discoveries and holding, keeping safe.
this body can cuddle
and appreciate, huddle into shapes that fit,
just right, simply to.
find out and remember as it all comes back.
this body needs to be comforted.
to be held, to curl
unfurl into.
because this body needs body.
some body.
don't want to be in each other, don't want to be
tied up in tangles of promises of feelings that
genuinely couldn't exist yet,
as if saying a thing calls the depth into existence.

but this body wants to be with a body.
and just exist with it touching mine.

there is not very much touching
not the right kind
the needed kind
the giving kind
the seeing kind.
there is only the wanting, clawing, impatient, this way,
no move over a little but let me see all of you before giving you anything
kind of touching.

and that is too much.
the same hands but different mind.
give me your body
to be next to my body
so we can know one another.
but not biblically.
not even a little,
because that's not what this body needs right now, and that's all the other bodies want.

because there is no middle ground, no language society has taken any kind of time to give it.
friend/acquaintance in passing
therapeutic paid.

i am looking for the other kind. where you are wanting to get to know someone
and they are wanting to get to know you
and before they would be able to even CONSIDER asking so much
they would ask even more, that you open your heart to them.
and your body. for cuddling only. first.
because anything more is too much, too soon, and all you want is their body.
for holding.
come hold my comfort. i am very inviting.
i need your comfort too.

life is hard.

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