Monday, December 5, 2005

Hmmm....stars anyone?

Well, here is what I have to say today:

Life is too short to put forth minimal effort in everything you do, work, play, learning, creating, being, loving, LIVING (but I pretty much say this everyday).

Today I was talking to my awesome boss and she mentioned bugs. I like bugs, I think they're very interesting and also fun to kill, if need be. Not so much killing THEM, but elimnating a problem for whoever is screaming "OH MY GOSH IT'S A .....!!!!!!" and scooting away from the offender as fast as possible.

Every time someone I don't know looks at me now, I think "Oh man, I bet they recognize me from somewhere online! Or, work!" it's kinda freaky. That's the danger of posting pictures of oneself online, you just never know WHO has seen you that you haven't seen, well, plus there's all the fan mail, that's kinda hard to handle sometimes. = 0))

Also, I reallllllly love this AMAZING hazelnut (Tartufo El Bacio) flavor of Gelato. Tastes like, frozen Nutella..........but BETTER. Anyone in Austin, TRY IT!!

I had a really good conversation with Paul (my AR buddy) on the phone last night and it was just so much fun to talk with him. Hey, if you want YOUR name in here someday, call me! = 0)

Driving is a part of who I am. Every time I shift, I feel a sense of power, of unexplainable control and *funny facial expression* an aura of authentic coolnness.

I wish I could see the stars. All of them, any night I wanted, from my house. I can't and it's very upsetting.

To conclude these random writings, goodbye! I need to go running.

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