Friday, June 8, 2007

green grass

...if it were any other color would it smell as amazing? =0] i l o v e grass.
the texture on my skin
the color in all shades
the smell when it is cut.
the memories it holds of my neighbors
my dad
my grandmothers push mower i used when i was little. the only mower i've ever used in fact since my dad was afraid we'd slice our toes off if he let us use the gas one. pretty much the one thing he never taught his girls to do. i used a riding mower once, that was fun because it was a really old stick shift... i digress.

this all seems to be part of the 5 senses i'm really into these days. i think they have been heightened by being aware and being in a new place, awake to things i've never thought of. ideas and experiences, what life is all about. did you know that grass tastes pretty good? i mean, if you're a cow and we eat cows and drink their milk and wear things made from their skin, so we might as well thank the grass as much as the cow. yep, a little grass with some good ole' american cheese and ketchup, YUM! =0] hahaha, i need to sleep more than 4 hours a night. word.

oh smell that grass. i would even stop my car, get out and smell fresh cut roots anytime. that is what it's about, taking your opportunities, enjoying the everyday. i like todays grass the best, i don't know if i'll get to seesmelltouchlovebreatheindelightful grass tomorrow. be here with me.

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