Sunday, May 27, 2007

snackety snacks

i have decided to give up snacks.


i came to this conclusion today at approx. 6:34pm sitting in my car. i wrote it down right away because obviously, that is what one must do to make it concrete. and by one i mean me.

so no more snacks. it's possible i will eat a small candy bar on a weekend. or, even some crackers and cheese if i'm low on protein. but i realized that i'm sabotaging my healthy eating choices if i constantly interrupt my body with junk.
i will eat 3-4 meals a day that consist mainly of:

whole grains
as many fresh and organic products as i can manage
mostly white meat & fish
nuts & berries from the woods.
ok, maybe not from the woods, but yuuuummm blueberries!
etc. on with the goodness!

one exception to this is fruit, i will eat that anytime i want and in any amount. however, i don't expect to go overboard on this. i remember when i never craved chocolate. i want those days back. i don't like the feelings i get when i 'need' something like that. hello, it's food! you eat it to make your body produce energy, life, yes you enjoy it but it's just fuel. this is what i believe. if i ask you to say this and slap me a couple times, please do.

goodbye snacks.


i won't miss you. hahahahah! take that.

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