Wednesday, April 22, 2009


as i tiptoe along
this tightrope
extends beyond the corner
and i cannot see
trip and ye shall be picked up
doubt and ye shall be comforted
fly and ye shall join the heavens
in praise of this graceful life.

topple off the space provided and find
the rest.
you are free to trust and push
show them the cloth
you are
it is too much, always.
i never deserve it
i always belittle it
he brings it as he has never failed to do.

lead me blind, farther than i have been before
trip with me
we'll turn it into a skip
and jump into your arms
they follow me and are ahead of me
in the constant questioning.
this morning always starts with darkness of black city streets 
but the sun rises.
steady and faithful.
you rise.
through all the choices i make to contrary your grace.
when i shout out you shout back
and i love you for it.
please do not leave me, i am weak.
in your strength.
i need you god
i need your grace to walk.

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