Friday, April 3, 2009

the sadness

there are no words.
when i read a story that seems too tragic to be true.
but it is no fable, this is real life kid and shit happens.

the eternal whiz and whir of why is pointless.  not so much in that it discourages me from asking
but because it will not bring an answer valid enough to explain away the 

there are no words.
then show me the way to be wordless in sadness with others.  to be silent in the silence of death.  the mourning of moments that do not fade, only appear less obvious.
this is not the time to be yelling, yet i want to.
along with anything else that might make this pain lessen.  that is a selfish wish for it is not even i that is in this fractured cave.  only to make my empathy shrink.  

ah, then i might welcome death as a friend for i cannot live in oblivion.  how to walk with the death in everyday, that is what i want.  it cannot be OK, for it is always rotten.

there are no words.

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