Wednesday, April 1, 2009


only 8am and it's 27 C, which is close to 81F folks.  
the word came to me on a bike ride and i couldn't get it out of my head.  i didn't even know what it was!  so i looked it up, and several spellings later i am ridding the poem about "...midnight air sinking into my lungs" and "floating under a treetop roof".  
moroni, the capital of grande comore off the coast of mozambique on the other hand, does not mess around.
um hm.
maybe i should write about things that matter, i tell myself.
some of the only information i could find about the island is here.  sounds captivating and gruff.  almost unfriendly in the most beautiful of ways.  i feel limited in my geographical knowledge, which limits my power.  because i do have power.  we all do.  but what am i doing with it?
this morning in moroni i can only imagine what the people there awoke to, a day full of hard work?  political strife?  heat, stress, exhaustion, fear and not enough food?  again?  beauty and pain as far as the eye can see?
another place i do not know but want to try.

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