Thursday, June 18, 2009


leaving is out for now. 
which it tough.  
could have gone back to the mountains and worked this summer, but i felt rooted here.  like, i shouldn't pick up and go even though I could have, easily.  
so, here i sit.  
and wait.  
and am reminded constantly that i am a believer of the unseen, of the invisible yet tangible beyond belief.  
i am a liver of life in the only one i know who has ever truly lived.  
i am following one who loves me more than i can ever understand and always holds me in his hand even when i feel like i can't take anymore of this harsh life, because it is.  
but it is also beautiful.  
all so beautiful.

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Something Creative Here said...

the honor is mine, delish-meliss. or should i say...mckilk...y?

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