Friday, June 5, 2009

what if

the walkers shake
and soft shoes tap
smooth pants and outfits all out dated
around the music go
dancing and shooting the stars and
start to make me wonder 
we are infatuated with youth
when it is the old who know the joy of living
who relish the moments
there might not be more.
none of us holds tomorrow
for a fragile grasp at life grips us all.
what if
old people made the music videos?
what if they showed us
how it's done?

let me never forget to stop and talk.
generations lost for fear and regret, shown up in a poll
of unimportant and noncommittal.
we are losing them by simply not choosing them
they are just like us.

celebrate the stages and the phases, each one.
i hope i may get old
or at the very least
truly live with those who are.

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