Saturday, June 6, 2009

my grievous errors

  1. i worry even though i'm not supposed to 
  2. i speed when i know it is posted lower for a good reason
  3. i laugh really loudly when the atmosphere is demure-like
  4. i eat with my fingers when it is clearly silverware time
  5. i do not make eye contact with creepy strangers who obviously want my attention
  6. i swear without carefully checking to ensure a child-free environment
  7. i use my typewriter when my roommate is trying to sleep
  8. i procrastinate about little things
  9. i do not pray as often as i want to
  10. i take weeks to return some calls
  11. i do all these things, knowingly.  i am a sad, sad little (wo)man.
BUT!  there is hope!  for tomorrow is another day, a fresh day.
free from my previous grievous errors.  what a chance, what an opportunity!


Ally K said...

You are not alone....I do all these things too!
I love being a fallible human.

I am Heidi. said...

you should not use your typewriter when your roommate is trying to sleep.

Vanessa said...

i lol'd big time at this poem. i really like it.

Rachel Clear said...