Sunday, September 27, 2009


i am not lonely yet we are not fanciful or starry eyed
this disruption is not too far away, in fact it is right in my face
see the look in my soul?
the window floats open on hinges always oiled
during the meeting i could tell you were coming
i knew the ground had shifted
how, i couldn't tell you
but then it surely had.

forever i have waited for this distinction
for words to come and go and be and be just so
that i do not know what they are
but that the truth must be spoken and if it is of the past present future the only thing that matters is that they are said
and in real time
not alone and sadly but with others who have not learned how to avoid patience having
and who listen and are with each other during everything. during life.
this disrupted notion is not contrived or a motion to move to a new place, new station
merely a grand scheme to move my contrite heart out of the cold and into the heat of the day
out of the shadows of just ho-hum and focus in the eye of the lens at the sun and risk my sight and my shutter and
as i have been

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