Thursday, September 3, 2009


amidst the laughter and the glances
music and the pain of close but not close enough just yet
we sit
and eat pancakes and wonder
'is this the way we make friends?'.
i have said often i speak more than i listen and i have

make my ear one quick to listen
my heart a sponge for those i am around
make my arm a resting place for the weary
and this worthless back useful to carry those whose burdens outweigh them.
as a finger of you, god, let me lighten let me push
the corners of the frown into a hopeful glance.

make me a friend, father. one who truly jumps at the opportunity to BE with those that need to be WITHed.
i am anxious without you, and with you. i am heavy with the danger of letting my small mouth make the biggest blunder of all
by saying so much
that i fail to say anything
of love
of silence
of listening.
let's get together, yeah yeah yeah. why don't you and i combine?

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