Sunday, September 27, 2009


when you are loose so am i
who is it i have become in this evening, this time of less remembering?
memories that will not fade for me, but perhaps they will for you.
oh the odd freedom i feel, though clearly it is not i who has partaken

but i know this feeling
have felt it many times before with anyone who has
and it is strange that i should have shed the inhibitions yet
i have had none of what you have.
oh, we have switched places: you are the one talking loudly and about a myriad of subjects or at least one and quite in depth, ok or at least breadth, and it is i who has moved into the realm of bossiness and silliness and riskiness.
that is a lot of other ness' that i don't normally let out.
let go
to be
and embrace these thoughts of loose tongue.
because i am always the designated one
because i have made sure i am
i don't want to miss this lesson.
not at your expense, but for my own benefit.
i am selfish, really, if you think about it.
to be free and no one will remember what i say
except me.
well, and god. but i think he likes it.

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