Sunday, August 2, 2009

don't wait

the world is spinning
spinning way too fast
and i am hungry.
ready for the day
the spinning stops
and the plate is
to me, with
eager anticipation to see
what i will create
with myself.

the dog barks
the smoke smells
this day like any other
is just the beginning
of the rest of my life.
this today is my
chance at greatness,
to do something
battle laziness
apathy and suspicion of
and jump in with the spin.


Sean and Jenny said...

I like this! I feel that way after a few cups of coffee (rarely before). I have to wonder if it's your new caffeine-impacted job speaking!

(btw, this just showed up on my google reader this morning, even though you posted it a month ago. Along with the poem "cold" which of course freaked me out because I identified more with the bad friend you were describing than your view. In short, I get a lot out of your poetry! Keep writing! It's good for me!)

deliciousmelissa said...

It only showed up this morning because I posted it last night, just post dated it to the day I wrote it. I looked through my actual poetry journal and found this one, decided to put it up here. Mystery solved. ;0)

Also, in regards to "cold", who says which friend I am? I mean, you might be right, or you might be wrong. =0) However, you are both I think since we are all these friends, we are human. I'm glad to keep writing, thanks for the encouragement.