Thursday, August 13, 2009


i know this is what i know
i can think and write at the same time
i feel connected again for the first time in months
i can't remember when
i tell you
i felt this involved
able to process and
see the truth clearly and abolish the double-mindedness of the past.

for i cannot be of two hearts.
i must believe myself.
i must love myself.
i must forgive myself.
i must
to the voice of god and pray blessings on those who hurt me, knowingly or blind.

he said it would be easy, he whispered, it would be natural, and fine and all i would really want
well, devil, it isn't, wasn't, won't be.
i'm still going to listen to god and what he speaks over my life for he has turned this one,
this small life of power you will never know into one who is filled not with anger and hopelessness and division
but with love and prayerfulness and listening and showing up on just one side of the fence, not crouching in the middle like some town cat, prowling for the best piece of dinner, wavering at the slightest movement.

i am steadfast in this: i will fail, i will trip. but i will not get up on that fence again, because it is in the crouching that i hide, it is in the hiding that i keep myself, it is in the keeping that i loose it all
because that kind of life is not lived at all, only broken and hoarded and wept over.
i will forgive myself for being so hard on myself. and i will love this side of the fence.
it is endless.


Rachel Clear said...

Thank you for your kind words, Melissa. They mean quite a lot coming from you; a writer, thinker, poet, friend. Thank you.

I have really enjoyed your poetry. I haven't read them all yet, but I go back and read more when I can. The last three have been some of my favorites, especially this one, "fences."

Anonymous said...

no words.
Thank you, Mel.