Friday, August 21, 2009

not a whisper

wring the word
his name
from your lips, the gut wrenching sound of his suffering love
and desire for your heart pulling on your tongue as you speak.
this is the word
that showers you with life and shame
freedom and the way
he is, this man, this god
he is mine.
i will not whisper his name, and i refuse to believe the only way you will hear me is with your ears.
but i will scream and fly with the word he is
and always has been
for me
and everyone ever made and unknown to the strength of this universe
but i will recognize.
that he is all there is.
this love i know only because he is, he died, he never gave me up, he lives.
i will pray
but never in a whisper
only in grace and ferocity will these words
leave my lips.
he strains to hear it all, and i know he will not forget me, never them he saw first, before the beginning.

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